Below you’ll find links to some pages I’d like to follow from time to time:

Pushbikegirl – Heike Pirngruber : Excellent blog with wonderful pics about Heike, criss crossing our planet by bike.

Tracksterman : Tracksterman Pete Jones.  Always good, funny, critical and/or to the point stuff of an avid traveler.

Cycling Cindy : Another blog from a lady, making fantastic tours & photography.

The Big Africa Cycle : A guy who doesn’t need introduction anymore in the bicycle world. Peter cycled home from Japan, and continues in Africa.  Fantastic blog.

The Adventures of Margo Polo : More good stuff & inspiration

The Bike Ramble : Fredrika Ek, Swedish girl pushing her bike around the world.  Good writing, very nice photography.

Skalatitude : Loretta Henderson

Zinaztli : In Spanish, but tons and tons of inspiration here.

Crazy Guy On A Bike : Well known and always worth to check if you’re heading to a new destination.

Zen On Dirt : Great blog !

Gypsy By Trade : And yet another cool blog

Colorfish : Blog of Martina Geens about cycling the America’s.

Cycling around the World / Universe with me: Jin, a Korean lady, 6 years on the road, fantastic long blog posts and an excellent Youtube channel.

Frank van Rijn: The Godfather of Dutch touring cycling.



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