Europe: A 20.000 km bike trip

1On 16th April 2016, I left for the first leg of my bike trip, with a purpose of seeing more of my home continent Europe. I went through Scandinavia to the northern tip of the continent, going south again through the Baltic States and Poland, my first taste of some countries behind the former iron curtain. Winter was spend on the Iberian peninsula.

Looking at the map, there’s still a lot more to discover in Europe, especially in eastern Europe.
I ‘d like to cycle more in Sweden and return to Iceland as well in the future, but for now, it’s time to change continents 🙂

Below, a map of the 2016/2017 European trip and some statistics:

Total distance: 20.711 km
Total altimeter: 237.230 m

Nbr of flat tires: 20 (none with the Schwalbe Marathon tires on my 11.000 km loop of northern Europe, so all with the mtb tires in the south).

Nights wild camping: 69%
Nights at campground: 16,5%
Nights inside: 14,5%

2 thoughts on “Europe: A 20.000 km bike trip”

  1. I think I know which continent you are coming to soon, but will you still be able to keep up with such neat statistics? I like the shortness of the article, as I have hardly any time to sit somewhere and read some one else’s story. I kind of miss that. Perhaps I should post more short articles, maybe an update soon about the people I have met here ; ))


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