A Start.

16th April 2016.
10:26 hrs. 11 degrees C.
It’s cold and windy as I ride away.
 This is the first time I’ll be starting a long trip from home.
16/4/16 must be a very auspicious day to start such a trip.
Everything seems in balance.  
I don’t feel so balanced.
It’s not because of the heavy bike.  
Last months have been way too hectic and I feel ill-prepared for the trip.
Still, that bike really is seriously overloaded.  All the space and weight saved since I travel with an e-reader instead of (too many) books, is now occupied by other electronic gadgets which seem to be compulsory nowadays (they ‘re not).
We’ll see.  Stuff can always be posted home.

I’m on my way north.  I don’t know why.
I like it warm, so should go the opposite direction but I’m always drawn to the North because of the spectacular nature, the wild camping opportunities, the quietness.

I’m heading North along the Plassendale-Nieuwpoort canal. Later, after crossing the Dutch border, I will follow the LF 1, North-Sea-Cycling Route.

The over loaded bike with the Belgian coastline in the background.


Going opposite directions.
Along the LF1 North-Sea Cycling Route








Rob, a cyclist from Alkmaar who joined me for some km’s today.


3 thoughts on “A Start.”

  1. I hope you feel more balanced by now. Maybe you had to get used to it again. Or maybe that feeling only comes when you’re out of congested Europe. Though, your photos breath emptiness. Are you sure this is Netherland?
    Greetings Cindy


    1. Yep, willhave to get out of Europe for that. Or maybe the far North will do as well 🙂
      North-Sea cycling route brings you indeed to corners I thought were extinct in Nl.
      Can recommend it !


      1. Well, but to get there I should have a good reason to do so. And at the moment I don’t have such reason. So I’ll stick to your country each time I have a chance 😉 better wild camp options, that’s for sure 😉

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